Want to socialize your website? these 5 plugins will help you.

Before introducing those plugins I would like to introduce the company “HEATEOR”. Heateor is the developer of this 5 social plugins. It is an technology startup based in India.

Heateor social plugins post.

Their mission is ” ROBUSTNESS WITH SIMPLICITY”. That is they are trying to combine perfection and innovation to build technologically robust products along with maintaining simplicity and user-friendliness.

Now coming to those 5 plugins. They are,

  • Sassy Social Share.
  • Heator Social Comments.
  • Super Socializer.
  • Heator Open Graph Meta Tags.
  • Fancy Facebook Comments.

Sassy Social Share Plugin:

Sassy Social Share is a simple and lightweight plugin that works very well. Every feature of it is completely free of cost. It has around 100 social share/Bookmarking services. It is Mobile responsive and AMP compatible. It is having a Special & costliest feature that Free Icon customization and access to use all the social media share buttons. In most of the plugins, this feature is a costly and Beginning blogger can’t afford it.

  • Absolutely free, lightweight.
  • No need of any third party registrations, API keys.
  • Free Icon customization option.
  • Mobile Responsive, AMP Compatible.
  • Around 100 Social share/Bookmarking Services.
  • Social media follow icons and official like buttons.
  • Compatible with every WordPress website.

For Demo click here.

Heateor Social Comments Plugin:

First I want to tell the importance of a comment here because to know the value of a machine you should first know the value of the product that it produces.

comment img in social plugin post

Most of the Bloggers don’t know the importance of a comment. Here is the thing that most people don’t tell you, especially marketers ” A comment has more emphasis than a like”. I will explain to you, why a comment is more powerful than a like. If someone liked you post it will just attract another visitor, only if he/she visits the site. Now coming to comment if someone commented on your article or post it can be a question or an appreciation. If it is a question there is a 99% chance for the return of that visitor to that answer for his/her question because of it there is an increase in views for your website.

This comment will also help you in improving the SEO for your site. Because every word in your website will be crawled by google search engine bots. If the word that is present in the comment nearly matches the user query it will put that website in the queue sometimes even if the content in the website is not relevant to the user query this will help you get the visitor for your website even your content is not relevant and if that visitor find’s something interesting in that page, he/she will visit some other pages of website.

Now coming to plugin Heateor social comments plugin, it is a used to enable the social comments on the posts of your website. This plugin can enable the Facebook, Google plus, Disqus Comments on your website for each post or page.

  • Enable Facebook, Google plus, Disqus Comments.
  • Choose between Tabbed and Stacked layouts.
  • Show/Hide comments count for individual comment system.
  • Customizable behaviour for individual comment system like
    ā€“ Target Url, language, width of commenting interface, label etc.
  • You can enable or disable comments where ever you want in posts and pages.
  • Lightweight code is used which makes the plugin load optimally.

For the Demo go to this page.

Super Socializer Plugin:

Super Socializer is the mixed version of above two plugins along with the additional feature of social login. You can integrate the social login, social share and social comments on your site. This will have all the features of the above two plugins along with the additional feature of social login. This plugin is also having a special feature i.e; unlike the other third-party social plugins, you don’t need to create an account in the third party website of which you want to add login in your website.

Super socializer login buttons
  • Optimal load time.
  • Trendy themes are used for social login and sharing icons.
  • configuring the plugin is dead simple even a beginner can configure it simply and screenshots are provided in the companies website.

For Demo click here.

Open Graph Meta Tags Plugin:

Open Graph Meta Tags is another awesome plugin by Heateor. This used to optimize social share by inserting Facebook Open Graph, Google Plus/Schema.org, Twitter cards and other meta tags. This enables the effective sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

  • Option to automatically purge Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags cache whenever you update/publish a post/page.
  • Compatible with WordPress SEO by Yoast, Subheading, Business Directory Plugins.
  • Supports HTTPS-enabled websites.
  • Compatible with every WordPress website.

Fancy Facebook Comments Plugin:

Fancy Facebook Comments is a completely free plugin that enables your website visitors to leave comments using their Facebook account without logging in into your website.

  • Enable/Disable the Facebook comments on default pages, posts, Custom posts, Woo-commerce products, activities, groups, forms, etc.
  • Free options to customize the look and design of Facebook Comments interface.
  • This plugin is mobile responsive, Multisite Compatible along with widget and shortcode facility.

Add-Ons are also available for these five plugins but they are paid one. to know about Add-Ons click here.

Final verdict:

I am damn sure these are the best plugins for socializing your website. I can simply say I am a huge fan of these plugins because they are providing so many features for free but other plugins will charge for providing the same features.

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