Why Apple didn’t Push Its Price Boundary this Time?

A couple of days back in the keynote event 2019 Apple surprised everyone with the price of their upcoming products.

  • Apple Arcade Family Subscription- 4.99$
  • iPad – 329$ for general purpose & 299$ for study
  • Watch Series 5 – 399$ starting
  • iPhone 11 – 699$
  • iPhone 11Pro – 999$
  • iPhone 11Pro Max – 1099$
  • Apple TV+ Family Subscription – 4.99$ (This subscription is free for 1 year if you buy any iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Tv)
Apple Price cut iphone

Every time when announcing a new product they show a huge price difference between the previous and the new products. But surprisingly this time they stayed at the same price boundary and even reduced the price of their old products iPhone 8, iPhone XR and Watch Series 3 to 449$, 599$ and 199$ respectively.

“The biggest news from the Apple launch was the price cut for iPhone 11,” Chris Caso, an analyst at Raymond James & Associates, wrote in a note to investors. “We view this as an admission that Apple stretched too far with the price points at last year’s launch.”

Apple is trying to boost its market at better prices than ever before say the experts. Apple announced Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ family subscriptions just for 4.99$ each which is an unexpected move. In India, these subscriptions cost 99 ₹ per month.

“Apple revenues are approximately ₹13,000 crore in India; even if 1% of the base of active users signs up at ₹99 per month, it comes to around ₹130 crore a year, hence 1% of the total revenues,” said Faisal Kawoosa, founder of techARC. “This would be over $1.8 million in just the first year, which is not bad. And these are very conservative numbers in terms of adoption of services. $2 million may not be a big number in the game, but not bad at all to begin with.” mentioned in Bloomberg.

Apple is encouraging users to upgrade to iPhones with their new price structure. At present, Apple tv is having only eight original tv-shows and expected to add more in the near future.

We all heard that Apple is planning something big for 2020 Keynote event. There are rumours that 2020 iPhones may have in-display touch ID along with Face unlock. And we also heard that Apple may release a cheap iPhone which is going to the sequel for iPhone SE. Let’s see what is Apple planning for 2020.

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