Apple Paused Siri Quality Control Process Globally.

Tech Giant, master of users privacy and security, recently confessed that Siri eavesdrops on “small-portion” of our conversations without user knowledge and even when it is not activated. But the buzz is that Siri is listening to our conversation when our iPhone is in charging mode. Apple says that its contractors are doing this for quality improvement purpose only.

This startled a lot of users, to settle this Apple has temporarily suspended its grading process. As per a report by Tech Crunch, Apple has paused its Siri quality control process globally and will resume it soon. Apple says that this quality process is to know whether Siri is listening to queries correctly or being invoked by mistake.

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Apple announced that as a part of the future software update, they include the option for users to choose whether their recordings can be used for the grading process or not. Right now, Apple is giving an option to entirely disable Siri or not at all. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are already had an option to disable the microphone recording and can still use the Assistant.

Apple Says that only 1% of recordings are being used by the contractors for the grading process and the recording are not associated with any Apple ID. So the recordings will be anonymous for third party listeners.

This issue came in to light when a whistleblower told The Guardian that Apple gave third-party contractors access to listen to users-conversations through Siri. For this, the company responded, “Yes, we will listen to a small part of the conversation”.

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