Cigarettes and Other Tobacco products should be outlawed

Cigarette smoking is the most common deadliest habit among youth all over the world. As mentioned in the Factsheet of India 2018 published by WHO(World Health Organization), more than one million people are dying just because of consuming tobacco products, which is equal to 9.5% of all the deaths in the country. The most common way tobacco kills is from Cardiovascular diseases(CDV). Therefore, People feel that all tobacco products should be made illegal. But unfortunately, for a lower-middle-income country like India tobacco also plays a little role in countries GDP.

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WHO published stats.

Manufacturing and consumption of tobacco products should be outlawed because there is no positive side for tobacco consumption. Bhutan is the first country in the world to ban tobacco in 2010. But in large democratic countries like India, a sudden ban of these will lead to negative consequences like smuggling, sudden unemployment etc. But we as responsible citizens should also play our role in reducing tobacco consumption. Government alone can do nothing.

Tobacco products contain around 5000 toxic substances. Out of them, there are more dangerous

  • Nicotine.
  • Carbon Monoxide.
  • Tar.

Nicotine is a poisonous substance which is responsible for predominant behaviour effects of tobacco. Carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen blood can carry. Tar is a sticky residue which contains benzopyrene, one of the deadliest cancer-causing agent known. As per the statistics published on national health portal of India there are around 274.9 million tobacco consumers in India out of the 163.7 uses only smokeless tobacco, 68.9 million are smokers and 42.3 million are both smoke and smokeless tobacco users.

Tobacco consumption in any form can cause cancer to any part of the body. It can cause cancer from head to cervix and chronic diseases like brain stroke to hip fracture. Tobacco consumption has several consequences like Economic loss, Health loss and Environmental loss. According to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey of India 2016-2017. Nearly 38.7% of adults are being exposed to secondhand smoke at home.

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Published by national health portal.

In the United States, smoking causes more deaths than combined deaths of all the following diseases.

  • Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
  • Illegal drug use.
  • Alcohol use.
  • Motor vehicle related injuries.
  • Fire-arm related incidents.

Tobacco production and consumption should be banned because it is causing negative effects on both humans and the environment. Production of tobacco causes deforestation, soil pollution etc. Farmers are becoming more commercial and they stopped cultivating the crops that produce food. There are a lot of incidents where butts of cigarettes are responsible for wildfires in forests. To prevent environmental pollution the United States and Canada have banned smoking in beaches.

Since there is no positive side for tobacco consumption and production. The government should outlaw the production and consumption of alcohol. But in large democratic countries government alone can do nothing so every citizen should play their role in reducing the tobacco production and consumption. In democratic countries the sudden ban of something will lead to chaos and illegal smuggling and other kinds of criminal activities will increase. So government should take necessary steps to slowly reduce tobacco production and consumption.

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