Facebook wants to know if people are willing to pay for using it !!!

According to Alexa facebook stands at 3rd position in popularity and most visited sites. Most of the traffic for Fb comes from the countries like United States of America(25.8%), United Kingdom(4.5%), India (4%), Japan (4%). Facebook monetizes it site with adds. It made over 40 Billion US dollars last year alone through adds.

The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg now wants to know if people are willing to pay for using Fb without displaying any ads on it. He knows that displaying Fb adds on the site is not the only way to monetize Fb. Facebook is spending money on carrying surveys to know about people’s opinion about having added a free Fb version. If Facebook turns off the Fb advertisement option, how could it bear the expenses of running the company?

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Here comes the new strategy of running the company, Fb meets its expenses by making a subscription plan monthly or yearly, it charges people for using add free version of Fb. There are already a bunch of successful sites on the internet which run only on the subscription plans, without any adds on them like Netflix, Amazon Prime.

If people are willing to pay for using add free version of Fb, we can see a new product from Fb which runs only on subscriptions, completely add free in the near future. This also doesn’t threat security of the people losing or sharing personal data.

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