Four steps to grow faster on youtube and make money

Youtube is one of the most widely used video-sharing social media sites. People visit this site for several reasons like education, motivation, help, entertainment etc . And few other visits to help people solve their problems by providing what they could ( creating videos to help )  and grow their personal or professional brand.

If you want to grow faster on youtube there are certain things you have to keep in mind before starting a channel

1) Picking  a niche

Picking up a niche ( topic or main content of the youtube channel ) is so important. A niche is what your channel is going to be all about, what you are going to be producing content on. Few people don’t pick one and just shoot some random videos and put them on their channel expect to become famous in a single day, but I strongly believe, becoming a famous person cannot happen overnight.

Being a YouTuber needs lots of patience, self-confidence. Niche is something that you are really passionate about or something you are really interested in, for example, if you are interested in playing video games then start a gaming channel record videos while playing video games and connect with fellow game lovers and produce content for them.

2)Avoiding computer screen sharing if possible ( Depending on your niche )

Avoiding computer screen sharing is a considerably big factor for growing faster on youtube. I say this because you can imagine the number of YouTubers at the present day, obviously, it is huge. And most of the videos on youtube are screen sharing videos, if you do the same thing, there will not be any reason for people to recognize and remember you for your unique content.

So it is better if you just take any camera ( phone or DSLR ) and put yourself in front of the camera and talk to them directly instead of putting a static wallpaper in front of them and just giving a voice over to it. Moreover, the advantage of doing this is the probability of they believing in you increases.

Since you are willing to show up yourself in front of a camera they will start recognizing you gradually and if you continue pumping good and genuine content for them, You will be famous one day.

3)Quality of content and presentation

Quality is another important feature that people expect, whether it is video or audio. Do not ever use the inbuilt microphone of a computer directly for the audio, instead get yourself an external microphone on any online store and connect it to the video recording device and then edit it accordingly.

This is because the built-in microphones of any laptop suck particularly when we want to record voice, so it is worthy to buy an external microphone for this purpose. But for filming the video you can either use a mobile phone or a DSLR, they both serve good.

4)Making money from the Youtube channel

There are several ways by which one can make money through youtube channel. Most commonly that is through the Google Adsense. During this process, Google will be displaying adds on your videos and if they get clicked by the viewers you will be getting paid through the Google Adsense account, after which you can transfer the money to your bank account

But the amount that you get through the Google Adsense is quite low. A full-time Youtuber cannot rely on the amount that he gets through the Google Adsense. There are also other different means through you can make money on youtube like affiliate marketing, promotions, services and digital courses.

Affiliate marketing  and promotions involve in promotion few products that are related to your niche and there by making commissions for those sales . Services involve in providing physical services to your customers by promoting your own business on youtube and making money .

If you are good at something you can also create digital products like tutorial courses and sell them online by promoting them through your youtube channel. People make several thousands of us dollars on every single day through this method.

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