Google Play Pass Subscription in Testing Phase, Offers Premium for both Games and Apps.

Apple announced Apple Arcade in Apple service launch event on 25th March 2019. Just months after the announcement of this, Google started working on a new idea called “Google play pass subscription” which is similar to Apple Arcade. Since the last couple of years, gaming has become popular. So the tech giant Apple took advantage of this and introduced Apple Arcade. Now Google also doing the same thing but, the official announcement is not done yet.

Google play pass
Google play pass subscription under the testing phase

The difference between Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass Subscription is Apple will provide a curated selection of games exclusively to Apple Arcade subscribers. But Google is planning to provide both games and other services. This services may include premium music apps, fitness trackers, etc. Google Play Pass is also planning to include remove ads, in-app purchases and any other fee associated with the apps that take play pass subscription. And it is the buzz that Google is planning to charge 5$ per month for Google play pass subscription. If this plan comes into action, things will change in a better way for Android users.

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