How to be a real Engineer?

India, the country that produces 25% of engineers in the world. Unbelievable isn’t it. There is one more surprising truth, that is out of all the graduates from India, only 3% to 4% are fit for being an engineer. We all know the answer to the questions. what’s wrong with the Indian graduates? why are they so inefficient? The most heard answer for these questions is lack of interest in the subject and poor educational standards made them inefficient. And that answer is absolutely right. Most of the students in India choose engineering for granted or due to pressure from parents and society. The funniest thing with Indians is, from the day you were born, your mind will be trained either to be an engineer or a doctor.

There are more than 100 courses to choose after 12th grade. But most of the pupil doesn’t even know about them. Also, most of the students don’t even know that there are nearly 140 branches to choose in engineering. The saddest thing here is, no one will tell you about all these options. Not your parents, Not your friends, Not your relatives, will educate you about the world in which you are living. After joining the bachelor’s pupil will get a little freedom and they will start knowing about the world. But by that time half of the chances to change their life will fade away. At this point, they will start hating the subject. In this way, no one can be a real engineer.

The real engineer is the one who works for the development of the world, not for the development of a company. We Indians graduates are clones of one another, very few of us are real engineers. The real engineer doesn’t need to have a degree.

For example, Chintakindi Mallesham, one of those few real engineers from India. He was born and bought up in Sarjipet, a small village in Telangana. Weaving sarees is his family’s traditional business. He was a class 6 school dropout. He grew up witnessing his mother, Laxmi suffering from unbearable hand pain, while weaving sarees.

He observed the same situation in other weavers also. This pain is due to Asu process in which the weavers need to move their hands up and down nearly 9,000 times per saree. Then he felt that he could find an automatic machine Asu process. He was not an engineer. He was not good at English.

mallesam engineer

He used to buy books on electronics, Microprocessors, etc from local shops in Hyderabad. All those books are in English medium. So he bought a dictionary and started reading those electronics books. After years of struggle, he finally made the first version of the Asu machine in 1999 and named it as Laxmi Asu machine.

Later he made two more upgraded versions of that machine. In the period of struggle, many people discouraged him, but he never stopped trying. In 2017, he was awarded “Padma Shri” in science and engineering. Recently a biopic is also made on Mallesham. This is the spirit of a real engineer.

This is how the real engineer will be. He don’t have AC classrooms, fully equipped labs, etc. All he had is courage, determination and moreover interest in what he is doing. These are the qualities that made him the real engineer.


The real engineer may not have a degree in papers. But they will have a degree in the brain. Try to achieve whatever you want. Don’t get pushed into something by someone. Try to explain your interests and goals to parents or anyone who are forcing you to do something, in which you have no interest. And parents, please understand engineering and doctor are not the only options to earn money safely.


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