How to Delete Your SoundCloud Account.

Soundcloud is one of the largest music and audio platform. Soundcloud helps the creators and fans to come close to each other. Since its launch in 2008, it helps creators to share and monetize their work. On an average Soundcloud’s creators upload nearly 12 hours of content every minute and they had 200 million unique monthly listeners.

Data Removal Policy of Soundcloud:

Soundcloud is a German-based music and audio platform. So it should comply with German data protection laws. For this reason, they will delete all your data including the sounds you have uploaded. And usage data associated with that sounds will also be deleted. So you will have a very short time to restore the account.

Steps for deleting the Soundcloud account:

You cannot delete your Soundcloud account from Android or iOS app. You can do it using the browser.

Step 1: If you are not logged in to your Soundcloud account, then login to your Soundcloud account.

Step 2: Before deleting the account you need to revoke the access from the connected apps. For you need to click the three dots menu on the top right corner. A drop-down list will appear. In that list click on settings.

Step 3: Now if you scroll down a little you can see the connected applications settings. There you can see a list of all the apps that are linked with your Soundcloud account. You will find a “revoke all” button. Click on it.

Step 4: After revoking the access, you need to delete the account. You can find the “delete account” button just below the connected applications section. Click on it. After clicking on it you will be asked, why are you choosing to delete your account?

Step 5: You can choose one of the options given or you can specify your own reason. Then check the box to confirm that you want to delete your account and things associated with it. And click on “delete my account” button.

Deleted accounts will go into a queue and will be removed from the servers in a short time.

After deleting the account:

After your account is deleted you can safely remove Soundcloud app from your devices. Don’t forget to disable sharing to Soundcloud from other services like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Deleted accounts may still show up in the google searches. Soundcloud has nothing to do with this issue. If you want to remove the links and your Soundcloud account from the Google search. You can submit a request to Google to remove your data. Else you can wait till the Google bots recognize that your data was deleted.

Reactivating Soundcloud Account:

As mentioned, once you choose to delete your account it can’t be restored. Your data will be wiped out of servers. But if you deleted your account recently, there is a chance to restore it.

You need to mail the customer support regarding your concern. And they will inform you whether it is possible to restore it or not. You should send the mail through the email registered with your Soundcloud account.

“If your account was deleted more than a few weeks ago, however, we will be unable to restore it,” reads the support document. If your deleted account cannot be restored, you will need to create a brand new profile on SoundCloud.

If you receive any error message while deleting your account you need to contact the customer support.

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