How to download youtube videos for free!!

Hello everyone welcomes to my blog, here I am going to show you how you can download youtube videos for free and this process doesn’t require any external software.

So let’s do it step by step

step1: First of all you have to open your google chrome browser and log in to on any device, now search for the video you want to download on youtube.

step2: For downloading the video, you have to edit the link of the video, for this look at the link or URL that is present at the top.

I am showing you an example of such a link. This is the video link that I have to download.

How to download youtube videos for free!! 1

step3: Now to edit this link just add “ss” in front of the and let me show how.

How to download youtube videos for free!! 2

so this is how it looks after adding ss in front of youtube and click enter or search.

step4: Now this new link redirects you to a new website called This website after loading provides you with the option of downloading the video into your device.

Let me show you how it looks like

How to download youtube videos for free!! 3

As you can see there is a download button with the option of choosing the resolution beside it.

Here you can choose any resolution by accessing the drop-down menu and clicking the download button downloads the video into your device.

This method works for any device and on any operating system. But make sure that you are editing the link of the video properly as shown above.

Enjoy the downloaded video

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