The Surprising TRUTH about Samsung.

Everyone is talking about Samsung with the imminent release of galaxy S10 series. We all know Samsung as a worlds largest manufacturer of electronics. But it is quite different in past.

Before Manufacturing Electronics:

Before becoming an electronic manufacturer it has been food maker for 20years. It used to produce Noodles and Dry fish.

Samsung old company

The name Samsung has a meaning hidden in it.

SAM = 3

SUNG = ⭐

These 3 stars in the Korean culture references to 3 different God’s in charge of Glory, Luck and Longevity.

Evolution of Samsung logo:

Samsung has changed its logo four times till date.

Samsung logo evolution

This logo came into existence in 1993.

Samsung Electronics:

  • Right now every single minute a hundred Samsung TV’S are sold, that is nearly two per second.
  • Samsung was the first company to make a smartphone. Samsung was very serious about the cell phone market. A lot of companies at that time are making PDA’s which were like handheld little computer’s. Samsung was the first one to combine that with cell phone technology.
  • Samsung’s best selling phone ever was actually e110 with 150 million units sold.

Samsung e110 image

  • Samsung’s revenue makes up 17% of South Korea’s entire GDP.
  • By 2014 nearly 489,000 employees are working for Samsung group. This is more than the combined number of Google, Microsoft and Apple.
  • One of Samsung’s sub-company known as Samsung heavy industries is one of the largest shipbuilders in the world. This shipbuilding centre is 400 million square foot which is equal to 5,204 football fields.
  • One more Samsung’s sub-company known as Samsung Techwin is actually responsible for k9 which is an anti-infantry tank that can shoot projectiles up to 40kms.

Samsung anti infantry img

  • It is also responsible for SGR-A1. It’s a robotic machine gun that can automatically identify and shoot a target from 3.2Km away.

Samsung sgra1 img

  • We all heard about Samsung note7 exploding but the magnitude of this has somewhat underestimated. Samsung actually recalled 2.5 million of these units.
  • You might hear about Apple’s new spaceship campus in silicone valley. Steve Jobs claimed that it has room for about 12,000 employees
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