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Here I am going to show the Plugins and theme that I have used for Hope these things will help you in your blog designing or somewhere else.

First Theme:

The theme is the first and the important thing that we need to take care after selecting the hosting and domain. I am using POINT theme by MyTheme shop. It is a good theme and free of cost. 

You can download it directly from here.

You can see the demo here.

  • Easy to use.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Ad space in sidebar, top of the page, after post.
  • SEO optimized.
  • Use on unlimited sites.

And a lot more….


Page loading speed is less.

Second Theme:

I updated my blog theme to colormag because the page loading speed is better compared to POINT theme and I found the new theme more attractive than the old one.


Good loading speed.


Unable to change the copyright matter at the bottom of the page.

Latest Theme:

I recently changed my blog’s theme from Colormag to Hueman. I got bored with Colormag and moreover, the font in the Colormag is not at all impressive. Hueman theme provides few extra fonts even for the free version. Hueman is much customizable than any other free version of themes I used till now. This theme really impressed me a lot.

For demo click here.

Really Simple SSL Plugin:

The value of a website will be much better if it is having an SSL. Since most of the blogger or web designers will face an error like not showing the green coloured lock symbol on the URL bar. It means that the site is not completely secured. So if you use this plugin it will take care of the changes that need to be taken to make the site completely secured.

This is before using “Really Simple SSL”:

yoonom before ssl plugin

This is after using the Really Simple SSL plugin:

yoonom after ssl plugin

ForDemo Click Here.

Sassy Social Share Plugins:

Every theme will have social buttons but they won’t help your visitors to share your posts. To add this feature we should use some plugin. For I am using Sassy Social Share plugin. It is a wonderful plugin and completely free of cost if you need any additional feature you need to buy an add-on to it. But I think the free version is itself enough for most of the website, the need of an add-on is a rare case.

To know more about the plugin- click here. Plugin: is a web application started by one of the best blogger Neil Patel. It helps in acquiring the new subscribers who are ready to receive web push notifications. It also have certain features to analyze your subscribers. Currently, is it working on chrome, Safari, Firefox & Android platforms. At the beginning it is completely free but now they applied some restrictions to free users, but still, it is a  good application.

To SignUp or want to know more click here.

WPNotification Bars Plugin:

WP Notification Bars is a free and the best plugin for displaying the beautiful notification bars on your website in different styles. It also provides the trigger functionality so that you can trigger a notification when a user does a certain action on your website. You can design any number of notification bars and trigger them whenever or where ever you need them. This is completely free and it is designed and developed by MyTheme Shop.

To know more or to Download Click Here

notification bar plugin

WP Subscribe Plugin:

WP Subscribe is the best plugin to get a large mailing list. We can use Mailchimp, Webber or Feedburner integration. It is having a nice interface and can be placed in any place like sidebar, footer widget, etc.

To download or to know more Click Here.

wp subscribe plugin

Insert Headers and Footers Plugin:

This plugin is used to insert code in header and footer of your website. Sometimes you may need to insert the code to verify your website identity in the applications like Google webmaster tools, Adsense, etc.

Rank Math Plugin:

Rank math is the best in class SEO tool that helps you in every aspect of developing your website. It can import the data from your previous plugin if you are using YoastSEO plugin previously. I shifted to this plugin from YoastSEO because when I am using YoastSEO my site is loading very slowly or else not even establishing a database connection. But most of the people recommend YoastSEO even I also recommend it if you face any problem with it then you shift to Rankmath. Rank math is the latest one it was launched in 2018 but YoastSEO launched in 2014.

To know more about Rankmath Click here.

To know more about YoastSEO Click here.

Simple Author Box:

Some themes provide author box, some may not. But in most cases, the default author box in the theme will not look attractive. So, by using this plugin you can customize the author box in your website as you wish. It provides the best options for customizing the author box.

To know more Click here.

WP Forms Lite Plugin:

WP Forms lite is a free plugin developed by WPForm. It is a simple drag and drop builder. This helps you better in creating simple forms like contact form, data collection form, etc. You can see a sample by clicking on the “Contact us “ option on the top navigation bar on this website.

To know more Click Here.

Advanced Ads Plugin:

Advanced Ads plugin is very useful if you are using Google Adsense on your website. It helps you to link your website to Adsense account with less effort and it also provides some customizing options to your ads. It is very easy to use. It works with all ad types and networks (e.g. Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager, or Amazon ads)

To know more or to download Click here.

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