Types of GRE Aspirants.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test that is taken to get graduate school admission in various countries. This was started in the year 1936. I just found a surprising stats published by ETS, after the United States, India and China are competing with each other in the number of GRE test-takers. Every year the second position is shifting between these two countries only. In my observation, I found different types of test-takers.

The Topper:

gre giphy 1

Usually, these guys can be found in the first bench of the class. They are so determined towards their career. They’ll get a pile of books and read them until the pages were torn out of the book and letters escape from those pages. These guys dreams are like, going to the US, complete masters and become the CEO of Google, Microsoft or Apple. But finally ends their career as an employee in TCS, U.S office.

Backlogs Bro:

gre 2

This guy initially won’t have any interest in masters. Then the dragon enters into his life with the name backlog. And this dragon won’t come alone, it will come along with few of its friends. At this point, all the future plans will change and two things will strike in the mind one is “I had backlogs, so no campus placements” another one is “Go to foreign and pursue masters”. Now, two things can happen one is failing to score in GRE or success in GRE and earns more than his topper friend.

Couple Goals:

Types of GRE Aspirants. 1

Girl: Hi, baby. Where are you?

Boy: I am at home baby.

Girl: let’s meet, baby. I had good news.

Boy: (Expectation: I think her parents agreed for our marriage)

At Meeting Place

Boy: Hi, baby. what’s that good news?

Girl: Baby I got 320 in GRE baby. I am going to study in Canada.

Boy: Congratulation! baby.

Girl: Congratulations to both of us.

Boy: Why are you including me?

Girl: Because you are also going to come with me. Prepare well for GRE baby.

Types of GRE Aspirants. 2
Boy be like

Boy: Baby I had no interest in leaving the country and doing masters. Please baby you go and come back after completing masters baby.

Girl: No, you should come with me.

Boy: Baby please baby I had all my friends and parents here. I don’t want to come.

Girl: No, you should come. Otherwise, break up.

Now boy be like

gre 4

After sometime


Rich Guys:

Types of GRE Aspirants. 3

Few of these guys don’t even know the abbreviation for GRE. They simply attempt GRE. If they get a good score they’ll enjoy in a foreign country. If they failed to get a good score they enjoy in India. They think masters is social status.

Fantasy Guy:

Types of GRE Aspirants. 4

I feel so petty fo this type of guys. They will go into the sea by looking at the beauty of the beach but they don’t know about the RIP currents and wild tides in the middle of the sea. After going into the middle of the sea they can’t come back nor don’t have the courage to face the tide. They will dream about pubs and nightlife. They don’t know about the torture in the day time.

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