Wanna Study Abroad??… Then you Must Install This App.

These days loads of app’s available on Play Store and App Store. Nearly there are 2.7 million and 2.2 million app’s are available on the Google play store and App store respectively. Out of all these, I am challenging you that you can’t find an app that can be similar or even better than this. This is the first and last of its kind till now. This app can help you choose a university, to find a roommate, to know about the university and courses, etc. Even most of the professionals suggest this app if you mention that you are planning to study in abroad.


Are you planning to study in abroad? If yes, this App is for you. This is the only App that can help you in every aspect of your study plan. To access more features you can log into their website www.yocket.in. This app is suitable for people who want to study in USA, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand, Ireland and Singapore. You can get help from people who are already studying in abroad or people who are aspiring to go.

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These are a few important things you can do with the help of this app:


  • You can filter universities based on Country and courses.
  • You can filter the universities for graduation and under graduation based on IELTS, GRE scores, Courses etc.
  • You can also predict the universities that can match your previous academics. They use the previously recorded data to predict the universities in which you had a chance of getting the admission.

  • You can compare the universities and can also check the university deadlines.
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  • You can get guides for studying in USA, UK, etc which includes things like rule and regulations for international students, approximate Annual expenses per year, few common points related to eligibility criteria for studying in so and so country.
  • You can also get guides for courses which include things like what are core subjects in a course? what are the specialisations available in that course?
  • It can also give the basic requirement i.e which Engish proficiency test is need to be taken to study a particular course in a particular country.
  • You can get the guidance for examinations like GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL etc. You can also get financial guidance like education loans, scholarships etc.
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Interaction with other Aspirants:

  • You can interact with other aspirants or with people who are already pursuing their master’s in abroad.
  • You can create or join in groups.
  • You can search for profiles that are similar to yours or even you can filter profiles by applying filters to find the kind of profile you are looking for and you can even chat with them.
  • You can also join university chat groups or country based chat groups.


  • You can involve in ongoing discussions or you can start a new discussion.
  • Any yocketer who has knowledge of that topic will help you.
  • You can also find your roommate by using the option called roommate finder.


  • Yocket conducts live events in cities Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Hyderabad.
  • They also conduct webinars to guide the aspirants on aspects like Visa processes, expenses for studying in a particular country etc.
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Yocket Premium:

  • Yocket provides two types of premium plans they are Basic application plan and Advanced counselling plan.
  • With these plans, you can get advantages like sending transcripts, visa application support, education loan support, free forex card, filling University applications, application fee waiver, application tracker and lot more.
  • In-app services are very limited. You can know about all the services by logging into their website.
  • To know more about these plans log on to https://yocket.in/premium-counselling
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