How to Start a Blog with Zero Investment?

There are so many ways to start a blog with zero investment. Here I am listing best of them.






The only tool that can be used freely without any restrictions is Blogger.


Blogger is a Google’s free tool for creating your blog. You can create and publish any number of blogs on Blogger.
The best advantage of using Blogger is Hosting and Analytics is completely free. If you choose to display ads, you share in the profits.

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Getting Started:

Starting a blog with Blogger is very easy. Follow these steps:


Create a google account. If you already had one, then you can use it or you can create a new one.


Now go to Here you can choose any profile. If you want to create a G+ profile along with a blog go with option-1 with this you can easily share your blog and its content on Google+ or you can go with option-2. (I am going with option-1).

Blogger account creation instruction image-1


If you got redirected to some other site, don’t worry, go to this link again Click on “Continue to Blogger”.

Blogger instruction-2


Now click on “Create new Blog”. Now you should enter your Blog name and domain name. Try to make Domain name and Blog name same because it helps you a lot in SEO. If you already had a Domain You can use it. Since Blogger is a free platform you can’t easily get the domain name easily. Be patient and try multiple time until you get satisfied with the domain name.blogger instruction 3


In the same page, you can see the Theme option. Here you can select the theme that fits for you. These themes can be customized easily. You can change the theme later by clicking on the “Theme” option on the left sidebar.

Blogger instruction 3


Finally, click on “create blog”. You Blog is ready now and you can post anything in it.

If you want to make any changes you can see the Tools, Layouts, Settings options on the left sidebar.

2) is also a free, simple and powerful tool than Blogger, but the only disadvantage is you can’t use your own domain name if you are using the free service. In free service, the domain name ends with the extension

Blog designing logo


Weebly is also same as but some features may vary. Some features are free in but the same features are paid ones in Weebly, vice-versa. But compared to Weebly is little costly.

Blog designing weebly logo


Wix is an Israeli cloud-based web development platform. It is also a good platform for blogging but not free of cost. Wix is much better for Blogging after WordPress. It Provides a drag and Drop website builder, which make the task of building a website or blog very simple.

Blog designing wix logo

5) is the cheapest and the best blogging platform for both the beginners and experts. But the only problem is that it is compulsory to have a hosting and domain before starting the development. It Provides a very special feature that no other platform can give is that you can build the website in a localhost and then you can make it online after finishing the work. It also provides the Plugins for most of the functionalities we need in our website and most of them are free of cost.

blog designing logo

Final Verdict:

Blogger is a good tool for blogging but not a powerful tool like WordPress, Weebly, etc. If you are really serious about the blog, then try to use some other platform because in blogger you need to spend some time in customizing the blog and it is difficult to add some options like a mega menu, external logins, e.t.c. You may need to write code for such options and it will affect the quality of the blog post. If you ask me personally I would recommend for both blogging and Website designing.

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