Worried about Hosting your website or blog? Follow These Steps.

If this is your first website or blog then you need to know about the importance of good hosting. A good Hosting is the heart of the website. These are the following that you get benefited with better hosting.

1-Increased Revenue:

If you choose a bad hosting provider the downtime of your website will increase, that means your website will spend more time offline than online this leads loss of money and customers.

2-Loading time:

People will get irritated if the loading time is more this leads to loss of customers and reputation. According to the recent survey, people give up on a website if it doesn’t load in 3 sec’s. So please don’t use the cheaper and unpopular hosting providers.

Hosting problem image,slow connection

3-High Search Engine Rankings:

if you choose a bad hosting provider then your website will spend more time offline rather than online. The will affect your website’s search engine rankings. The more your website is offline, the more worst your website rank will be.

4-Increased Security:

Security is the most important thing in the hosting services because technology and hackers are increasing rapidly and simultaneously. So it is better to choose a hosting provider who stores a backup of your website data in some remote server. So that you can easily backup when you need it.

Things You need to Check about Your Hosting Provider:

24/7 Support:

You should go through the timing and type of support they provide, before choosing the hosting plan. You should opt only the provider who provides support around the clock because even if your site gets down for a minute, it will affect your website’s search engine ranking and loss of customers.

24/7 support image

During this time there should be a person to solve your problem immediately. From my experience, I think it is better to choose a hosting provider who provides chat support round the clock. But if you are not comfortable with chat option then choose a hosting provider who provides phone or email support.

Associated Email Address:

To make your website look more professional. Choose a hosting plan which includes email in it or choose a hosting provider who provides business email services separately means you need to pay extra for that mail service. Some of them will provide the spam control feature also.

Good Reputation:

A good reputation is a very important aspect of choosing a hosting because a company with a good reputation will always try to keep its services as good as possible. So don’t forget to check the reputation of the provider.

Easy to switch:

If your website is going to have a rapid growth in traffic(ex: online stores) they may need to switch to higher plans based on their traffic. Some providers don’t support the plan switching instead they ask you to completely re-establish the website in another plan. This is very difficult and not good. So you should ask your provider whether there is such option or not. If you are doing a blog then this aspect is not so important an average plan is enough.

Final Verdict:

Choosing a good hosting from the beginning of the work will help you a lot in avoiding time waste for unnecessary issues.
Here I am providing some of the best hosting providers from my research





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